Sexual health is an important sphere in the life of human beings during the different stages of their lives.Therefore, it is important to take care of it and pay it due attention so that sexual encounters continue to bring pleasure and satisfaction.

Is it among your New Year’s
resolutions to have better sex? The number of intimate relationships may be
somewhat overvalued, but what is definitely a good goal is to make them better.
For this, we have concocted these nine scientifically supported suggestions for
improving sexual life in 2019.

1. Scream

People who make more noise in bed
tend to be more sexually satisfied. Why? The moans help to convey what you like
and what makes you feel good, and by communicating this information to your
partner, you increase the chances that you will get what you want. And on the
other hand, these noises signal appreciation for the efforts of a partner, in
addition to enhancing the sexual arousal of your partner.

2. Experiment With Sex Toys

Those who use them, according to
the experts, not only tend to report greater sexual satisfaction, but also a
better sexual functioning. This is probably due, in part, to the fact that
vibrators and other sex toys are an easy way to introduce novelty and emotion
into sex.

3. Train

Many people think that Kegel
exercises are somewhat feminine, probably because they were originally
developed for women; however, it turns out that Kegelbenefits are not
restricted to people of one gender. Studies have found that Kegel exercises
offer a wide range of sexual benefits for women and men alike.However, for
learning techniques to have better sexjust visit

4. Sex Is Not Equal To Coitus

According to research, the more
activities people do in the last time they had sex, the more likely they are to
have an orgasm. This finding was maintained for both women and men. Variety
could be the species of your sex life.

5. Better If You Do Not Drink

Many people consume alcohol as an
aphrodisiac. This is not surprising given that, when consumed in small amounts,
alcohol can stimulate sexual desire. However, excess alcohol is a recipe for
sexual problems. Being drunk can create a variety of temporary sexual
difficulties, such as making it harder to wake up and stay aroused and achieve
orgasm. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also impair sexual communication.

6. The Teaspoon, Better Than Falling Asleep After Sex

It has been found that,
regardless of gender, the more time people spend in affection after sex, the
happier they are with their lives and sexual relationships.This is the perfect
way How to have sex.

7. Focus On Quality And Not Quantity

Most people think they would be
happier if they had sex more often, but research suggests that this might not
be the case. In a study in which people tried to double the amount of sex they
had, it turned out that couples who forced themselves to do so more often were
less happy in the end. It’s not good when sex starts to feel like a chore, so
do not get obsessed with sexual frequency.

8. More Caresses, In And Out Of Bed

Non-sexual intimate contact is
one of the keys to a happy and healthy relationship. Experts say that intimate
contact can actually help resolve a wide range of sexual difficulties because
it promotes relaxation, increases feelings of togetherness and improves

9. Talk About Your Sexual Fantasies

Couples who speak and act on the
basis of their sexual fantasies are more sexually satisfied. Similarly, women
who share and act on their fantasies have more orgasms, suggesting How to finger a
and getting in touch with our fantasies could help us close
the orgasm gap.

Do you like having sex when the room is dimly lit or even dark, so that your sweetheart does not see that the last dinners have tasted better than good for your figure, or you have unsightly dents on your legs? If it calms you down: About half of all women feel the same way. Sex in the dark, they therefore particularly like. Just as many women even like to have something in the love whisper between the sheets, for example a bra that holds the breasts in shape and is comfortable.

Men, on the other hand,
prefer visual sex, ie sexual intercourse in daylight or full ceiling lighting.
No wonder, most of them have self-esteem, or have you ever met a man who said
he was fat just because he has a sweet tooth? Dear ladies, if you do not want
to be completely naked during sex, then please dress only with a sexy negligee
and not with a cotton pajama.

in the dark: low self-esteem is the reason

around problems, thinking about a thing a thousand times and talking about it:

Women like to think and
talk about everything and everyone. Even during sex it is therefore hard for
most ladies to switch off. They think of her broad hips, the wobbly belly, the
hanging breasts and her elephant legs. The result: When the light is on, you
have to pull in the stomach and artificially put in shape. In short, the fun
factor is zero. Change can be little, because even if rational every woman
knows that man knows even from a certain clothing size before that she has no
model measurements – well, she just feels in the dark in the dark.

If you want to make it
easy, say “it’s the way it is”. Another way to make sure both of them
get their money’s worth in the future: Learn how to accept your body as it is,
go to the gym and often walk around naked in the daytime. Or, instead of having
sex in the dark, you sometimes have sex with dimmed light. From the expert’s
point of view, the latter variant is not such a bad idea at all, because
without full illumination, there are fewer optical stimuli, so it’s easier to
focus on the essentials: on what you feel. Foreplay, orgasm and Co. reach a
whole new intensity. It’s worth a try – and tasting is about studying. When you
go for the hentai games then it is for sure that you will be having
the best environment there.

with a stranger, domination, role playing and threesome

  • What really makes women happy during sex
  • Female secrets: Women want sex
  • While men can be turned off by visual
    stimuli, women get into raptures through sex in the head.

sex with a stranger, in public or in a threesome:

illusions that sound very much like a man’s fantasies. They think! Even women
have a certain desire, undiscovered desires and sex fantasies. While men can be
turned off by visual stimuli, women get into raptures through sex in the head.

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There’s no wonder why anyone would find a threesome at the top of their sexual fantasy list.  It’s incredibly sexy to have more than one partner’s hands, mouth, and body all over you at once. First timers say that the orgasm during a threesome is like nothing they have ever experienced before. Being told, or led, to touch someone else by your partner gives you the ultimate sexual high.  For some it is even a sexual awakening that will thrust them into having more sex with their spouse than they have ever have.  The “newlywed phase” has nothing on swingers in the weeks after their first threesome!

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