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Do you like having sex when the room is dimly lit or even dark, so that your sweetheart does not see that the last dinners have tasted better than good for your figure, or you have unsightly dents on your legs? If it calms you down: About half of all women feel the same way. Sex in the dark, they therefore particularly like. Just as many women even like to have something in the love whisper between the sheets, for example a bra that holds the breasts in shape and is comfortable.

Men, on the other hand, prefer visual sex, ie sexual intercourse in daylight or full ceiling lighting. No wonder, most of them have self-esteem, or have you ever met a man who said he was fat just because he has a sweet tooth? Dear ladies, if you do not want to be completely naked during sex, then please dress only with a sexy negligee and not with a cotton pajama.

Sex in the dark: low self-esteem is the reason

Rolling around problems, thinking about a thing a thousand times and talking about it:

Women like to think and talk about everything and everyone. Even during sex it is therefore hard for most ladies to switch off. They think of her broad hips, the wobbly belly, the hanging breasts and her elephant legs. The result: When the light is on, you have to pull in the stomach and artificially put in shape. In short, the fun factor is zero. Change can be little, because even if rational every woman knows that man knows even from a certain clothing size before that she has no model measurements – well, she just feels in the dark in the dark.

If you want to make it easy, say “it’s the way it is”. Another way to make sure both of them get their money’s worth in the future: Learn how to accept your body as it is, go to the gym and often walk around naked in the daytime. Or, instead of having sex in the dark, you sometimes have sex with dimmed light. From the expert’s point of view, the latter variant is not such a bad idea at all, because without full illumination, there are fewer optical stimuli, so it’s easier to focus on the essentials: on what you feel. Foreplay, orgasm and Co. reach a whole new intensity. It’s worth a try – and tasting is about studying. When you go for the hentai games then it is for sure that you will be having the best environment there.

Sex with a stranger, domination, role playing and threesome

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  • While men can be turned off by visual stimuli, women get into raptures through sex in the head.

Wild sex with a stranger, in public or in a threesome: illusions that sound very much like a man’s fantasies. They think! Even women have a certain desire, undiscovered desires and sex fantasies. While men can be turned off by visual stimuli, women get into raptures through sex in the head.