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Previously, people met on the streets, in cafes and clubs, but today everything has become much easier and more difficult at the same time – everything happens via the Internet. Social networks, chat rooms, dating sites. It can be convenient to sit at home, not made up, in pajamas, and flirt with someone, but often it does not end there. And, you know why? Because people make some mistakes that they don’t even notice, but this greatly influences the result.

Do not put a selfie photo

Yes, now everyone is obsessed with it, at least the creation of a stick for selfies speaks about it. But do not put these photos in your profile on a dating site – they carry a negative message. He may think: “Does she have a friend who can take a picture of her?” Or “Oh yes, she likes to admire herself in the mirror, she is probably very narcissistic.” The photo must be tasteful, respectful and positive. Do not frown, do not wriggle, well, and do not take pictures from a bad angle. With the Online Dating Advice you can get the best support about the same now.

    • Do not post a photo of something or someone else besides yourself. Yes, you can love your cat, the car, the house or the sunset in the window, the fish you caught fishing. This is cool, but you don’t need to post these photos in profile. You are looking for a person who will meet with you, and not with your cat.
  • Do not put the photo just your face. Men want to see you in full growth. Yes, maybe you are complexing about some of the flaws in the figure, but what if it comes to a personal meeting? It is better he will say: “And you are in real life better than in the photo” than get scared and run away.

Never write:

I do not like to talk about myself, so just ask questions.” In fact, this means: “I am lazy” or “I do not love myself” or “You yourself must do everything in a relationship.” Yes, many of us do not like to talk about ourselves, but if it’s about a page on a dating site, then you simply must present yourself to your potential elect.

Learn more about the man before falling in love. Some guys can make an impression on the first date, but do not rush to rush into the pool with your head and be glad that you have found your prince. Try to learn about him as much as possible, and preferably from objective sources.

Be polite and respond to every message. Even if you are not interested in the guy who wrote to you, politely answer him. Just put yourself in his place: what is it like when you plucked up courage and wrote to your sympathy, and you didn’t even bother to answer? Therefore, tactfully answer so, they say, that, probably, you are not on the way, and you wish him good luck in finding your half.
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